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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently...The Science School Yard's Story

Some get to just blog hop...and hop...and hop. Today, is one of those days. YES! I landed upon a fun blog hop and so here it goes...

Art With Jenny K is hosting a What's The Story Behind the Logo hop and it got me thinking...Where did it all did I get here? Lots of self reflecting the first day of 2015.

See below...Farley is hosting a hop...too!

I started checking out science blogs in late 2013. I loved all of the ideas to help me be a better teacher. After 20 years of the regular classroom...I was in a new position as K-5 science teacher and I wanted that passion back. What better way then to force yourself to self reflect and to possibly feel that what you were doing could help yourself and others who might have had no science background...who may put science on the back burner like so many teachers I talked to....who heard from others how boring FOSS could be without extra "fun" stuff to do...

My own children were getting older and I found myself searching desperately to find ways to make extra money besides working until 5:15 teaching after school classes...why not take that creativity that I once had and try to find a way to link it to all of my own K-5 science lessons...finding ways to get my classroom teachers once again excited to teach science was another BIGGIE! Blogging and my store have been a wonderful way to do just that. (I remember first starting out and no one wanted to share their refreshing that we have so many talented teachers willing to help each other!)

What to call it...what to call it... Science is I thought...I wanted my students and other teachers to find it fun, too! Science words with S's...hmmmm...School Yard! Yes...where kids have fun! blog name. On my 2014 I got a check from a friend saying that I should use it for my students...little did she know that it would help me, too!

So... I went to Honey Bunch Blog Design with an idea of a blog that would get people wanting to check it out.

After, one full year...and 52 wonderful followers...I always hope that others would see science as a fun playground where kids can learn through hands on exploration. It has certainly made me a better teacher...more creative...and my students are using my products and being successful. I found that PASSION once again. I have been known to want others to feel it, too!

As for the blog...I think it is a great place to share my own thoughts and to have a place to gather what I did and what worked. It is always nice to come back to it!

Would love to get more followers in 2015. Come join me at the Science School Yard! Currently...though....I am connecting with Farley Over At Oh' Boy 4th Grade...told you I was a hoppin' today...

I have been reading how many of you have had your college or grown up children is wonderful! I digress... today's list I really need to figure out what I am doing next week...I have some ideas, but laying around is kinda fun! I am presenting at the Farm to School Conference for the state of Wisconsin...I love to share what we do in our school garden. Take a look at a recent post to see what I am presenting...I maybe...REALLY HOPE to reach 100 followers...please help me:) But I really wish to take my family on a vacation...I first have to pay off the credit card bill...we shall see???

Happy Currently! Hop...Hop...


  1. I already did my planning for next week, but have to go in to make copies and get things prepped so I am not running around crazy on Monday morning! Good luck with your plans and enjoy the rest of your break!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm one of those teachers who could use some fresh ideas for teaching science. So, I'm now following your blog. I'm planned and almost prepped for next week, but I do have a few things to do. Happy New Year!
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Thanks for stopping by! It is always nice to get a comment or two...makes you feel like someone is out there...Thanks again!


  4. I agree about TpT allowing one to be more creative. I feel like district mandates try to suck the creativity out of teaching and the love out of learning. Thanks for sharing!
    Smarticle Particles

  5. I love your blog! I am teaching Science for the first time in many many years. I can't wait to explore your blog=)

     TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

  6. Hi Renee! I am your 53rd follower! It is so nice to get comments, isn't it? I love your logo and how it reflects the tools of Science. I'm glad to read that the passion has come back for you! Best of luck to you at your conference!


  7. Thank you for linking up and for sharing your story!!!

  8. I love all of your comments! I am so appreciative!