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Currently March...5th Yikes

It is currently March 5th and I forgot...almost that it was a new month. Yikes. I am working hard to goal set and use my time more wisely in all aspects of my life. So Currently I am teaming up with Oh Boy It's Farley to take a look at March!

Currently, I am really focusing some of my extra time to learn about the world of TPT. I love the great resources that everyone is making and sharing! There are some great videos out there to watch to learn new ideas!

This weekend...basketball is over....there is no volleyball game today (tomorrow though....) and I am enjoying some time to just sit and focus on me. It is refreshing and needed.

I am hoping for peace and harmony at school. I love my students, but sometimes adults aren't always doing things for the right reasons. I hope I can work through the negative vibes at school and find peace within my own classroom walls as I work to help all of my kiddos succeed.
My hope for the future...

I am going to the TPT conference and am set with my ticket...check! I now have a sweet roommate who I connected with from Texas...so excited to meet her...check! I now have to book a flight which I am hoping to do once I connect with another WI teacher this weekend...would be great to get on the same flight together....in progress! I am getting excited to put faces to the wonderful teachers on
blogs...IG....facebook...and TPT!

Have a great weekend...my doggie needs some lovin'! She is pawing my computer!

Currently Loving February!

Wow...Farley's New Blog Design is Amazing! I am currently linking up with her over at Oh Boy...It's Farley and this month's sponsor over at the Teacher's Lounge...This is an exciting month...our oldest is turning 21 this weekend and we are making a road trip to the Twin Cities to celebrate! Currently...I am watching the storm head our way...not school closings yet for us, but other schools are closing...I am wearing my PJ bottoms backwards tonight...


It has taken me longer to write this post because I am stopping often to perform a duo with Stevie considering the house is empty...

I am loving the thought that the storm is on its way and we could be able to sleep in...and relax with the family with a busy weekend coming up....

I was scolded for not sending more care packages and mail out to my college kiddos...so I am getting ready to box goodies up and send cards out for Valentine's Day...never have been good with deadlines and holiday gifts getting places when they are suppose to....I am on this one though...

Here is how I am doing currently...need I say more about needing a computer....yes my computer is projecting on a TV screen...

Ok...hubs is gone to 8th grade orientation and he is the PE department chair....so I am alone for another hour!!! Getter' done...that list is long and the TV isn't always available...

I tried to think of something that makes me swoon other than school related "stuff", but I cried at school last Friday! You know when you have a group of kiddos that struggle in school in everything...and then you give them a STEM activity that connects to what you are learning about and they SHINE!!!! Well, writing this is getting me a bit teary....Three ESL students from all different cultures decided to make a team up and whamo...we learned about articulated joints and posed a problem that needed to be solved...and they used the supplies to build a robotic/prosthetic arm that picked up a cotton ball and dropped it  in a cup! Our second successful group was also one of my most at risk groups...science is hands on and we celebrated their successes...they wanted to all take it back to class and even work on it for next week's competition...who's engineering group can do the job faster...this activity is going in my STEM Robot Stations Pack that is on my to do list this week. Here are my buddies at the early stages...
a bendable elbow...

STEM teamwork...

My winning group at the beginning stages!!!
My students cheer when I say it is a STEM day in science class...it has become my motivator for being successful on their tests...STEM if you pass sure has helped. This project was to enhance FOSS Human Body and wow did it ever! I am currently...happy!  HAPPY February!

Currently January...Happy New Year!

It has been a wonderful vacation. Full of cooking, cleaning, and family!!! I might not love the cooking and cleaning up that goes with it...I might not even love cleaning out closets and torturing our garbage man with over 11 bags of garbage, but it feels good! No more papers shoved in empty spots or gift bags in 5 different spots...anyone relate? Most importantly...our time with family has been priceless. Currently...I am sitting here feeling very thankful that we survived another year and that we have so much to happy about from the year 2015...as well as amazing events to look forward to in 2016!

I love connecting with Farley Over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. I love seeing how everyone else is doing, too!

Listening: OK...no more football since I started...now the Twilight Zone! Much more fun! Love the twists and turns of the plots!

Loving: the time off! We have stayed up late and woke up late! I got a new mattress and let's just say...I sleep so much better! Loved the card games...Wii competitions, shopping expeditions, movie watching, cleaning and purging our bedrooms and closets of years of memories... Loving my hubby and I going out to eat on New Year's...loving that all my kids were home for a week together...loving that we spent some great family time with my sister and her family...love these pics of today's water park fun...(forgive the hair...)
My sister and I...love the time together and the talks we have had! I am so grateful!

My niece...we went down the slide and were experts at the lazy river! 

My nephew is a cutie, petutie! He only wanted me to go down the slide with him! My heart is so full!

Here are 3 out of my 4 kiddos with their cousin! What a great day filled with fun and family!

Wanting: More special moments with family! I really loved the time our family spent together. Planning and following through on those moments are a new year's resolution.

Needing: To finish some holiday STEM packs, but I am waiting for some fun new clip art that might be showing up from Graphics From the Pond! I love Mel's work! I have almost everything done...maybe I need to get back to work...been playing too much! It has been a fun and eventful break! It is almost over...

My word is appreciation. I have to remember to be appreciative of people and events around me! Appreciative of the learning that takes place in my classroom. Appreciative when I have a special moment with my family...I have to see the little things around me and be thankful for them...appreciative!

I am so appreciative of TPT this year! My product sales have been pretty good...steadily climbing...finding more ways to add great science activities into my classroom and into my store. TPT has helped me provide some help to my two daughters in college and even helped me not put our Christmas presents on the credit card! I don't feel so scared about not having enough money to pay all of the bills. I also am appreciative of TPT getting my creativity going! I love finding great ways to integrate STEM and stations into my FOSS lessons and TPT keeps me thinking. I love being able to do that when so many teachers are having to present their lessons out of a scripted book! Appreciative! That is what I feel!

Happy New year blogger friends and thanks for stopping by! I am almost done with a freebie...stop on back!



 What great things await this month. It's time for a bit of a break (two weeks)...time to think about Christmas present lists(all those odds and ends!) ...time for planning for a Christmas birthday...yes my second child was born on Christmas...we opened presents first then went to the hospital...Best Christmas present I ever got!!!

Thanks again to Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting this blog linky! I am a bit late to the party...but I finally made it!

My son and I are laying around this evening...he is reading his book and I am finally getting to the December Currently!

We just came back from the Christmas Parade and an annual Party held by friends. Always nice to catch up. It was the warmest night that I can remember in December...32 degrees! You could actually enjoy the outdoors!

I ordered almost everything online this year! Everyday things are arriving! I have to start wrapping it soon...maybe this weekend. It is one of my least favorite things to do. I am really bad at it.

Every year for my daughter's birthday, we play birthday or Christmas Bingo. I get Dollar Store gifts...gift cards...and gag gifts to add to the center of the room. When you win...you yell HoHoHo and then pick a gift! It is one of our favorite traditions...besides finding the pickle!

We have two more weeks and then vacation...so I am setting up for our Christmas STEM week next week! The kids are learning about solids and liquids in 2nd grade so we are making a toy for Santa as if we are elves! In first grade we are working on the Gingerbread Man...taking a break from our rock unit...In 5th grade we are working on Kitchen Chemistry...Snowman style...making polymer snowmen!  Poor 4th Grade...they have to continue working on the Human Body unit! 3rd grade is doing water and the Gingerbread Baby...Kindergarten...those cuties are integrating their reading series with a lesson on magnets...and then next week...Gingerbread Man traps and gumdrop towers!

We use a f aux tree...I am allergic to real ones. I take it out of the box...and presto...it is ready to go! I can't wait until my whole family is together! The countdown is on...21 days until Christmas!

Happy Holidays!


Currently November

I have been very busy in October. We are working hard to add NGSS and STEM into our science lessons....we gutted our school garden and redesigned it to make it more user and mower friendly...harvesting everything we could so that our kiddos could eat it in the lunchroom. Organized the Great Lakes Apple Crunch Day...and finished four products for our STEM classes and our teachers to use for our special PAW celebrations twice a month! They are more seasonal for our kids K-5 to enjoy. I am finishing two more today...my goal was 100 products by November...and I have one more to go. Currently it is NOVEMBER and so I have to make sure it is done today so that I meet my goal. I am connecting with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share with you what I am up to!

Listening...We are up north. Setting out corn and apples for the deer...checking the deer cam...and whoa...take a look at what we saw...

So now we are back at the cabin talking fantasy football! I love when he shares what he is up to.

Our district is proud of all of the great things that are happening in our school garden. Our food service administrator is 100% on board to wanting every child in our district being positively affected by our school garden as well. We make videos for schools to share our Wisconsin Wednesday's food that is served in all of our schools...and with that they literally gave me a clean slate. This week, while kids were gone, and teachers had in-service...the district cut all of the sod out of the garden...cut down two trees that were causing safety issues...ground all the stumps down...dug out all of the overgrown flowers to make way for our large scale pumpkin patch...started to build new raised beds...took our 5 benches to redo over the winter...and will be cementing a new area for our picnic tables within the garden! I am sooooo excited for a chance to really make this garden special.
They saved our asparagus...but take a look at my clean slate...The Kindergartners will be so excited about their pumpkin patch next to the school. Blueberry bushes...raspberry patch...three large  raised beds...any suggestions???? 
Thinking...my kids need to get me their lists...I hate waiting until after "black" Friday.

Loving...someone on TPT made a large purchase yesterday. I wish I could thank them! I am so appreciative!

Needing...to finish new STEM stations for our teachers. We just implemented a new PAW award celebration for students making good choices. The teachers are in need of quick and easy...fun...and educational ideas that they don't always get to do. Here is what I made this week for them...
STEM Christmas Stations on TPT

Bird Beak Stations and STEM Connection on TPT

STEM Halloween Stations on TPT
I am finishing STEM Fall Into Thanksgiving Stations and STEM Candy Stations tonight! I will meet my goal if I can finish it today...Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait until I can eat pie...and see all of my kids around my table again! I miss my two college kiddos...it isn't the same without them...

Currently October...Pumpkins!

Hello, October! I do love fall. I love the warm days and cool nights...beautiful fall leaves...and campfires with s'mores...pumpkin carving and oh, yea...pumpkin pie! Let's not forget though...a great linky!

Currently...I am linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Currently...I am laying on the couch...trying to feel better. Every year, I get laryngitis, I doctored it all week, I didn't get it...but I got a cold instead. Yikes. All those little germs floating around. It sure is nice though to have a quiet night then to get ready for my presentation tomorrow!

I am headed to Green Bay to present to teachers at a Nature Convention. I am sharing a ton of ideas on how teachers can make science simple through bringing the outdoors in when it's cold, or using the outdoors with students to tie in science concepts! I am packed an pretty ready to go...

I spent my extra prep this week...our firsties went to our school forest for outdoor nature fun...by getting ready for the presentation. So, now Sunday looks like prepping for a busy week next week! Engineering boats for 5th graders...Using motors in 4th...learning about the scratch test in 3rd along with digging up fossils...2nd graders are learning about weather and clouds...1st graders are doing bird beak adaptation stations...and kinders are working with their sense of smell! I have this!

Have a great October! Wish me luck on my nature presentation!

Currently September

Last month, I challenged myself to give teacher treats in mailboxes because of all the currently ideas in August. I did alright so far! I gave a first day back treat...and next week I am making cookies for the teachers!

Currently...though...I am thanking Farley...over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting Currently!
Listening: I was always at school so late. I did after school programs for years, but this year I need to find the time for myself and find some peace and calm in my life. I have been pretty good so far this week. I have been home 1/2 an hour after school each day! Not bad!

Loving: I get to teach science to all the kiddos at my school. I love that I don't have to do AIMS WEB, progress monitoring daily...weekly...I don't have to worry about a new reading curriculum following a new math curriculum last year. I don't have to worry about cum folders and conferencing with all the families each quarter...the list goes on! I get to create hands-on lessons for kids who need to be active and moving! I work with a great team and I feel very blessed!

Thinking: How hard it is to send another child off to college! My car is packed to the brim with her college necessities and more! She will do great, I just know it, but it is hard to say good bye! Now...I have to dishes again. Yuck!

Wanting: I really want the best for everyone that is in education...getting an education...going to school! None of it has been easy lately! Going back to school reminded me how much goes into each and every lesson that I plan...and that someone is planning for my children! I wish everyone well. Today, was excessively hard, our littles aren't quite ready for an hour of science. Soon, though...
Here is my open house station to get the kids coming to visit me!

Needing: I need to finish an animal classification unit for next week, not to mention a few projects I started during break. I have to be in the right frame of mind, so they are almost done, but not quite. My goal is by the end of September to have them all complete!

3 Goals: I loved setting the goal last month so that I can make my coworkers smile! I really want to keep placing fun treats and treasures in their boxes. I also want to make sure that even when things seem kind of yucky...which it can be....I want to remain positive ( and out of the office). Lastly, I want to make sure that I am posting to instagram one great thing that happened per day #happyclassrooms is a great idea! 
I CAN statements will be hung on display for the different grade levels. #happyclassrooms!

Happy September, Everyone! Enjoy Fall Y'all!

Currently August...already!

Time goes by so quickly! When August gets here I know that summer is over for our family. I have to take classes for 60 hours this month in order to move up to the last spot I can on our new pay scale. So...all next week I am in class.

Followed by my husband coaching football and our daughter starting volleyball...that doesn't have much time until our kiddos step back into our rooms.

 Here in Wisconsin...we don't start with kids until after Labor Day...so I still have time right? My room is not quite ready for me to step back into. We are building onto our school so NEXT year I will get a "real" classroom. I am thankful for the teacher's lounge though! It is a room and not a cart. I am getting it all pretty real soon!

Currently...though...I am thanking Farley...over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting Currently!
The sun is not out this morning...but the birds sound so lovely! I am loving that I can be on the computer without my kids thinking that is all I do. I have to watch that and cut back on WHEN I am trying to be all that and more!

Once school starts...I am going to schedule everything...tpt...intagram...blogging...creating... any tips for calendar or mapping ideas would be great!

We have had a lot of changes at our school this year. Teachers having to move to different grade levels...the stress of many obstacles. We lost 5 staff members so far this summer and I so want us to come together for our kiddos.

I am also preparing my store for the BIG sale. I created over 10 new products this summer with many more needing to be finished up. MY TPT STORE will be holding a sale...with everything 20% off.     TPT also includes a sale: use the PROMO code BTS15 for an extra savings! You wonder why my kids hate my computer...I love creating!
I love being creative and helping other teachers make science simple. I love school gardens and how they teach my kiddos a life long skill and better eating habits...I love finding ways to integrate science and I am looking for it all around me. My son hates it...

 I also have to remember even if my own children are older...they still need me to be there for them! I am learning to balance it all! For them...for me! This summer has taught me a lot  about myself and my goals! What I can do to make things the best I can in all aspects of my life. Sounds corny, but reflective non the less....

This is where I think I can make a difference...Mr. Smedley had a great idea! We need to start sharing the great things we do in our rooms out there for people to see. I wrote a letter to my staff yesterday sharing his idea...but I am also going to write notes in mailboxes when I see something my coworker is doing that was special or wonderful or caring or thoughtful...you get what I mean! We need to be recognized at times for our hard work...so I will help start us off. I also love the RAK in mailboxes so the note and a treat!  As for home...I can not forget them...finding alone time and something special to do...with special notes and tokens to all of my family members...I have to remember how lucky and blessed I am!

Thanks Farley for inspiring me!

Currently June

Well, I'll be...it is June and the end is in sight...almost! The last day with kiddos is June 9th, but I will be teaching two weeks of Collge for Kids...a summer school program at our local University. I get to teach engineering classes...STEM for 4-6th graders and my daughter this year along with our art teacher are doing a STEAM unit for two weeks for outgoing 1st-2nd graders. Everything from cities, circuses, safaris, and transportation...45 minutes to do the engineering and book connections...and 45 minutes for the art connection! Right after that....I am going to the energy fest...think hippie fest and energy all in one place! Woo Wee!!! I can't wait to post pictures!

Currently...though...I am thanking Farley...over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting Currently!

Here in Wisconsin, we start school after Labor Day due to our tourism industry. Now, it's the 2nd and I still have ONE more week to go!

There are a lot of things to do before the end of this month and then I can breath. Easy Taco Bar...here we come for our graduation party! This should make it a bit easier as I am in class right up until the day of her grad party. Yikes. Pack it in!

I thought it would be easier with the second child going, but I am still sad that time just flew by. I get sad that this is my child that I tried hard to connect to, but it wasn't always easy. I will miss her as she goes off to college!

As for the stressers this year on teachers here in Wisconsin, Teacher Effectiveness has really been a challenge. The computer system it is set up on "Teach Scape" is unorganized and spending countless hours trying to prove that I am a Proficient teacher has taken me away from planning for kids and being with my family. My husband and I both were on "summative" year. Has anyone else felt the pain? Any other states having their teachers show artifacts and write learning objectives? Would love to hear from you...wanting to know if we are all alone... We also have to (in our district starting this year...) having to get credentialed with 8 extra hours of time outside of the school day on classes that they want us to take. One more thing on a teacher's platter.

Summer I see you...and I can't wait!

Currently May

It's May 2nd...my son's 13th birthday! He is my baby and now he is a teenager. Wow, time flies! It sure does...it is already May and I can't seem to be able to get everything done on my to do list! This month is going to fly by...it always does! Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade is once again hosting my favorite linky! Check out what I am currently doing...and while your at it, check out more of my science blog!

We are up at our cottage. So, let's just say we don't have a lot of options for television shows. So, MeTV has on an old black and white horror movie called Man-made Monster. 

Gotta' love that my BIG boy is now crashed out on the couch after being outside all day at dad's baseball tournament. Fresh air can do that to you, but before the kiddo fell asleep we went out to eat and all had YUMMY prime rib. We don't go out...hardly ever...it was a great treat!

It is time to start planting outside in our school garden. I have to plan what grade levels are planting outside this week! We are organizing a Victory Garden for 5th graders next week, but this week I think we can get our potatoes in the ground! How exciting!

I am needing to plan for my engineering courses that I teach at our local university for summer fun classes! I am really not ready...and I have to also set up the supplies for my oldest daughter to teach STEAM classes as well! Lots of things needing to happen this month...scholarship night this week, and graduation of our second, right around the corner! I need to organize it and so my to do list will need to be created and not lost!

MAY you have a great month!


Currently April and Break

Currently...it is spring break! It could have not come too soon. Everyone was getting a bit ornery and tired! My hubby took his baseball team down to Disney for some baseball and fun in the sun. The rest of the family has been hanging out at home. When the hubby's away the kids will play! That usually also means we paint or redo a room. We painted my daughter's room...ran out of paint...went back for more...they are out of our paint due to a bogo sale this weekend. Don't despair...we redid the bathroom. No more fish and bright kid colors...we went yellow, tan, and white. Not finished quite yet...otherwise I would show you:) Currently though...I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share with you what is going on Currently!

Listening... to 8 hours of Outlander. It was on my bucket list to do a show marathon. I LOVE this show! Good timing...it starts up again this weekend! I never liked scotch before this...ha
Loving... just being able to sit around and relax...which is something I don't do much of! Kids have had sleepovers...went to the indoor water park...painted rooms...went with the flow...loving not having to worry about preparing big meals...sorry hubby...
Thinking... I wanted to do so much over break...but when you lounge around and watch TV for a change...things on the list stay on the list. I am thinking...it is okay every once in a while! Mama needs a break too!
Wanting... everyone around my table at Easter. We chose to have dinner on Saturday evening...right before the Wisconsin Badger game...Go Badgers! Then our older kiddos can share a dinner with their boyfriends' families, too. I am at the point that I don't care the date...I just want my family around me! 
Needing...to finish up a space pack that I am working on for my 4th graders that I can use for 5th grade, too!  I am almost done...just need motivation. 
Egg-planation of My Blog Name:  After 20 years in the regular classroom, I had an opportunity to teach K-5 science...something new! This change needed me to rethink everything about how to teach science and what I heard from so many teachers was how they hated teaching science. It was too much prep or they didn't know the information...lots of excuses, so how do we make science fun? I wanted to motivate myself by creating a blog and making products for myself and others to make it something that everyone could do. So...something catchy and where kids like to "play"...so the Science School Yard was created! 

Happy Easter! 


Currently...Late To The Party!

Do you ever have those weeks...where they all blend together...because you have WAAAAYYYYY to much going on? Running for kids, planning for observations, grades, yada, yada, yada...Well, the last four weeks have been like that. A blur! So...I am late to the party! Farley, Over at Oh, Boy 4th Grade is hosting the monthly linky party, Currently!  It is the 7th day of February...my oldest daughter's 20th birthday...and I am currently sitting in a hotel room again.

Loving: What a great testament to parenting when your child thanks you for how you raised them! It makes me cry just thinking about how beautiful that note was today. All four of my kiddos...amazingly awesome...kind...hard working...what every parent wants! I feel so lucky!

Needing: I have never grown microgreens before...but hey...being the School Garden Gal, we should try it! Over 1/2 of all of our 4th and 5th graders are willing to give up their recess to learn and grow winter greens. Wow! How awesome is that. Stay tuned the next two weeks for updates on our indoor gardening project!  Gardening has helped me grow into a better teacher...watching how it has also changed our students' point of view of healthier food choices...and the life skills of gardening...are priceless.

Here is the north...we get "cabin fever"...so we need to get our kiddos excited! Butter making...lunch taste testing...growing microgreens...has made this school garden gal busy...but not too busy to connect with my blogger buddies!


Currently...The Science School Yard's Story

Some days...you get to just blog hop...and hop...and hop. Today, is one of those days. YES! I landed upon a fun blog hop and so here it goes...

Art With Jenny K is hosting a What's The Story Behind the Logo hop and it got me thinking...Where did it all start...how did I get here? Lots of self reflecting the first day of 2015.

See below...Farley is hosting a hop...too!

I started checking out science blogs in late 2013. I loved all of the ideas to help me be a better teacher. After 20 years of the regular classroom...I was in a new position as K-5 science teacher and I wanted that passion back. What better way then to force yourself to self reflect and to possibly feel that what you were doing could help yourself and others who might have had no science background...who may put science on the back burner like so many teachers I talked to....who heard from others how boring FOSS could be without extra "fun" stuff to do...

My own children were getting older and I found myself searching desperately to find ways to make extra money besides working until 5:15 teaching after school classes...why not take that creativity that I once had and try to find a way to link it to all of my own K-5 science lessons...finding ways to get my classroom teachers once again excited to teach science was another BIGGIE! Blogging and my store have been a wonderful way to do just that. (I remember first starting out and no one wanted to share their ideas...how refreshing that we have so many talented teachers willing to help each other!)

What to call it...what to call it... Science is FUN...so I thought...I wanted my students and other teachers to find it fun, too! Science words with S's...hmmmm...School Yard! Yes...where kids have fun! Presto...my blog name. On my birthday...in 2014 I got a check from a friend saying that I should use it for my students...little did she know that it would help me, too!

So... I went to Honey Bunch Blog Design with an idea of a playful...fun...colorful blog that would get people wanting to check it out.

After, one full year...and 52 wonderful followers...I always hope that others would see science as a fun playground where kids can learn through hands on exploration. It has certainly made me a better teacher...more creative...and my students are using my products and being successful. I found that PASSION once again. I have been known to want others to feel it, too!

As for the blog...I think it is a great place to share my own thoughts and to have a place to gather what I did and what worked. It is always nice to come back to it!

Would love to get more followers in 2015. Come join me at the Science School Yard! Currently...though....I am connecting with Farley Over At Oh' Boy 4th Grade...told you I was a hoppin' today...

I have been reading how many of you have had your college or grown up children home...it is wonderful! I digress... Okay...so today's list is...blog hop...blog hop....okay...so I really need to figure out what I am doing next week...I have some ideas, but laying around is kinda fun! I am presenting at the Farm to School Conference for the state of Wisconsin...I love to share what we do in our school garden. Take a look at a recent post to see what I am presenting...I maybe...REALLY HOPE to reach 100 followers...please help me:) But I really wish to take my family on a vacation...I first have to pay off the credit card bill...we shall see???

Happy Currently! Hop...Hop...
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