The Science School Yard: Sunday Scoop...Microgreens Freebie

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Scoop...Microgreens Freebie

As I was sitting here thinking about the Sunday Scoop over at The Teaching Trio....I forgot all about the microgreens growing at school. That I have to check that they grow. Never grew them before, but let's just say those little shoots are getting taller and taller and the kids are so excited about growing something in the winter.'s the scoop....

I am sitting here over 45 minutes away from my laundry at my daughter's volleyball practice. Just a bit of alone time that I love. The sound of girls shouting "mine" and the bouncing of volleyballs is drowned out by the typing of my keys. Laundry can wait...

Funny thing...though...when you sit you remember all the things you might have to do when you are home. I have added to the things happy to my son finish a large Egyptian project when I get home...then play cards. Homework first.

I will also add...I had to help my oldest daughter edit her paper for college...yes...since they were little...I have edited for spelling, errors, and doubles...and given pointers or two my childrens' papers. I was a pretty good writer and edited hundreds of papers in my day. Closing sentences the toughest. Now, that is done...I am looking to get down to business and figure out my task cards for my 5th graders for review. It goes with my PPG...SLO...all that jazz.

But, first back to microgreens...
Kale...look at those little guys!

Lettuce...check it out!

Taking care of business!
Microgreen Sheets Freebie just for you! I used these sheets with my 4/5 garden club group! A fun...winter activity that we will share in our upcoming harvest of the month.

Do you garden? School or home? Would love to here what you plant and when you start your seeds. Have a great week!


  1. I'm also catching up on laundry today. But as I listen to my boys playing in the living room I'm thinking of your approach....laundry can wait. :)

    I've actually been looking into starting a garden at school for our 4th graders to manage. Any suggestions on how to get started?

    Good luck at conferences this week. I hope you get some visitors.
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  2. I'm working on science review task cards as well! Testing will be here before we know it!

    Mrs O Knows

  3. I am really happy about the task cards. They are pretty close to the test. So, I hope they can retain the info in science...take it back to their classrooms...the test next week. One can hope they is my SLO...vocabulary....and my PPG...getting them to show progress on tests. Thanks for stopping by Rachel.


  4. My school has an outdoor garden space! Last year the kids planted tomatoes, egg plant, and a few other things. In the fall they planted cabbages, pumpkins, and some greens. It was really cool to see kids taking food home. I fed a lot of the cabbages and greens to the lab guinea pigs! Have a great week!
    Teachers Are Terrific!