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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently May

It's May son's 13th birthday! He is my baby and now he is a teenager. Wow, time flies! It sure is already May and I can't seem to be able to get everything done on my to do list! This month is going to fly always does! Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade is once again hosting my favorite linky! Check out what I am currently doing...and while your at it, check out more of my science blog!

We are up at our cottage. So, let's just say we don't have a lot of options for television shows. So, MeTV has on an old black and white horror movie called Man-made Monster. 

Gotta' love that my BIG boy is now crashed out on the couch after being outside all day at dad's baseball tournament. Fresh air can do that to you, but before the kiddo fell asleep we went out to eat and all had YUMMY prime rib. We don't go out...hardly was a great treat!

It is time to start planting outside in our school garden. I have to plan what grade levels are planting outside this week! We are organizing a Victory Garden for 5th graders next week, but this week I think we can get our potatoes in the ground! How exciting!

I am needing to plan for my engineering courses that I teach at our local university for summer fun classes! I am really not ready...and I have to also set up the supplies for my oldest daughter to teach STEAM classes as well! Lots of things needing to happen this month...scholarship night this week, and graduation of our second, right around the corner! I need to organize it and so my to do list will need to be created and not lost!

MAY you have a great month!


  1. May seems to be a popular month for birthdays!
    Enjoy your son's as well as Mother's Day and the grad party!

    : ) a fellow Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  2. What an awesome science blog. I will be checking out some of your posts for ideas to use. Hope your victory garden turns out great!
    Burke's Special Kids

  3. I've got loads of family birthdays this month too! And I'm very jealous you have a garden at your school. I hope it turns out well!

    Butterflying Through Teaching