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Friday, July 10, 2015

Tired. But Inspired!

I was a "homie" this week...I didn't get to go to Vegas...I was a bit scared to...I don't know anyone...I am a K-5 science teacher which is very unique it seems...but there were so many people that inspired me! Even though I didn't get to Vegas...I did get some great ideas!

I now have a twitter account due to everyone sharing! @k5sciencegal
I now know how to use Periscope...@k5sciencegal
I now have two tribes! #scienceteachers and #midwesttptstribe     (I even learned what a # is!) 45 and still learning!!!!!

This week alone...I shared one of my packs for a collaboration give-away! I have NEVER collaborated before. I have someone that will edit a product...WOW! How we have connected this week is amazing! I also am so thankful to all the teachers that went to Vegas that gave us a little is on my 2016 bucket list! Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd are both true rock stars!
I love these ladies! They are the leaders of the tribes! So helpful!!! I didn't just spend hours on social media....I finally was able to release our little froglet and frog today! They were very helpful in our heredity and traits lesson!

All the time and effort making great products is for them! To help them learn life skill while being well as help me help my family...TPT has been a blessing in so many ways!

So....through all of the weeds life "grows" your way...I just have to remember the hard work and time put into it...will reap its rewards...can you find the carrots????

Our kiddos pulled out any intruder that wasn't part of the family...I inspired them to pull weeds! It feels good to inspire and to be inspired! I learned that this week!
I want to thank all of my new teacher friends and followers...this week I felt I won the jackpot!

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