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The Power of Using Boom Decks In Science

Digital Resources such as Boom provide students easy access for learning science concepts. If you are in search of an app or digital option for self-checking task cards Boom Learning decks are self-checking, interactive, digital task cards. Going virtual this year has upped my game in terms of finding ways to assess my virtual lessons and which students comprehend the new concepts. There were several tools and apps that I found very capable of helping my students and me be excited for the next lesson! Boom did not fail me. Once I figured out how to create them and post them for my kiddos, I got Boom Fever!

Here's How They Work: 

Boom Cards are also compatible with Google Classroom and Google Apps, so, if you use those platforms, this is a resource for added science learning. A set of Boom Cards is called a Boom Deck. Boom Cards may contain fill in the Blank Answers, multiple choice, move-able pieces, clickable answer choices and more.

Creating student logins is quick and easy! In your dashboard, you’ll click "Add Many Students," and enter nicknames for each student. Boom Learning will automatically generate passwords, but you can create personalized passwords too! {Often times, students already have a login and password for another account—like Google Apps/Google Classroom so you can just use the same ones!} With older students, you can share the classroom username and password and let them set up their own account details.

How My Students Can Play:

Boom Decks can be played in two ways: Fast Play: With your free account, you have unlimited access to playing any purchased or free Boom Cards through an interactive whiteboard, tablet, or other device. In Fast Play, you are unable to record student progress (however, Boom Learning regularly offers free trials of the student data component for new users, so be sure to check the latest info on that!) With a free account, you can create 5 students (think, 5 groups with differentiated assignments assigned to each. This works well in stations where you can have students access the activities they need to practice).

Once you access a Boom Deck, it is in your "library". You will always have free access to assign and play your Boom Decks in "Fast Play" mode. In Fast Play mode, student data is not recorded, but students receive instant feedback. Fast Play mode is perfect for modeling on an interactive whiteboard, and playing whole group, in partners, or small groups. Fast Pins expire after 5 days. These are for practice or instruction only and don’t record student progress. To assign on any site with a Fast Pin, go to your Library, find the Boom Cards deck to be assign, click the blue Action button and select Fast Pin. 

The second way to use Boom Decks is by sending Hyperplay Links or assigning decks to Students. You can send Boom Cards to individual students or groups of students. Hyperplay is available with the Basic, Power, and Ultimate Accounts. When I want to gather data I will then use Hyperplay Links which prompt students to sign in and they result in student progress being recorded. To assign on any site with a Hyperplay Link, go to Library, find the Boom Cards deck to assign, click the blue Action button and select Hyperplay Link.


What Can Students Use: 

BOOM Learning is app available for Apple products, Chrome Books/android devices, and Kindle. Boom Learning can also work within Google Classroom. I tend to use a fast play for practice which my students on their ipads and hyperplay when I need to assess progress. 

How Can I use Boom Cards?

*with a group on an interactive whiteboard.
* beginning and end of the year assessment tools
* allow fast finishers computer time and practice time
*use them as part of your science stations/centers
* assign specific decks to students, so they can master specific content or review a concept that they might be struggling with 
* as homework assignments for students. Students have a login of their own, so they can login to Boom Learning from any computer or device anywhere, but they will need internet access. 

Can I see how it works?

I've included a link for you to practice any of the first four pages of any of my resources. Give it a try!

Boom Learning Science Decks

TPT Science Decks

Give Boom Decks a try...I am so glad that I did. My students love the "game" like feel of review and assessment!


Bird Beak Stations

Image result for beaks picture book

Each year, I pull out my bird beak stations, and each year I love watching my first graders as they learn hands on how birds have different beaks that allow them to survive in the habitat they live in.

I love starting off this lesson by asking them to tell me what makes a bird a bird. We create an anchor chart that has a nest of great words including birds ... have 2 legs, have wings, have feathers, lay eggs, have beaks, fly, have two eyes.

I then share the book Beaks by Robin Brickman.

Beaks aren't just for eating...this book is great in showing other ways such as building, finding a mate, and digging to name a few!

I then take the first graders around from table to table to show them how they will be using their beaks to eat! I read the sheets to them, give them a check off list, but going in a circle from station to station is easy enough! I was able to get my supplies from the Dollar Store or from my classroom or home. There are seven stations in all! Here are just a few fun stations in action.

How fun to dig for worms! Wheat germ and gummy worms!

Time to crack open a sunflower seed!

Watch the woodpeckers as they dig for bugs! I use Mung beans because I had them, but rice or split peas work perfect, too! Grab the tweezers and a sponge and your all set!

My little hummingbirds love the nectar! Droppers, graduated cylinders and a little flower prop and we have a fast flying bird ready to eat!

Bird Beak Stations and STEM Connections
When we are all done with the stations, because I only have an hour with my students, we finish up by having them create a bird that they saw in the book or they simulated in our stations. We add it to our anchor chart. If they get done nearly, I share with them a live eagle cam (yesterday we watched it eat a squirrel for lunch!) and compare it to a live bird cam from Cornell University!

Want to teach adaptations in a hands-on engaging way? Grab your set of Bird Beak Stations HERE!

After setting up all of the stations with supplies...I put them each in a baggie and they are all set for the next year!

Shop Science School Yard TPT store!

Shark STEM Connections

They can be scary from their movie stardom to their sharp teeth and bad reputation...sharks are like the big bad wolves of the ocean! However, their reputation shouldn't really be as bad as they are portrayed! Only 100 people each year are attacked by sharks and only 25 out of the 368 species of sharks actually attack people. To get to know sharks better, my students who live far from any ocean celebrated a bit of a shark week sensation!

We started off with a great EPIC book connection, Sharks! by Ilene Tremble which helped us develop background knowledge. We proceeded to learn even more about sharks by creating a lapbook that had us researching habitats, food chains, and characteristics for survival. These are all part of the NGSS standards that are woven throughout elementary school!

Once they were finished with their lapbook, the students had an opportunity to create one of the sharks they learned about. It had to have the same features that the real, researched shark had and needed to be able to float in a bucket of water. These were some constraints that they had to follow.

For the last STEM sensation the students worked in teams to be able to build a shark cage that allowed a person (plastic figure) to be submerged in a shark (fish) tank...equip with our very own sharks (plastic)! This activity surely stumped my higher level thinkers, because it had to sink in the water, but it had to be made out of something water proof!

Some issues that came up was that fact that many designs tipped over when placed under the water. Some of the cages didn't allow for the diver to even see the sharks swimming in the water!
Here is a cage that tipped over on its side. The shark is getting a bit close for comfort!

Want to celebrate your own shark week? Follow this link to get all these ideas in one place: Shark Lapbook and STEM Connections Pack

What a perfect motivator for any time of year! STEM and Literacy Connections, writing, and research as well as engineering, a perfect theme for intermediate grades!

Shop Science School Yard TPT store!

TPT Wish List Linky and $100 Give Away!

Since Teachers Pay Teachers LOVES the teaching community so much, they are throwing a Cyber Monday, November 28th through Tuesday, Tuesday, December 29th. This starts tomorrow so get your shopping lists ready! I am linking up with Daisy Designs to help you with your list and share some items that buyers have loved in my own TPT Store: The Science School Yard!
 With over 155 Science Products to choose from...here are three of my favorites that I want to share with you...
 This pack includes four stations with very simple supply lists. Packaging Presents requires some typing paper, tape, scissors and packaging peanuts for filling...

Gumdrop Chimneys need toothpicks, gumdrops, measuring tape, and a Santa to see if he will fit...

Santa' Treat Table needs newspaper, tape, scissors, a plate picture that is provided and a school carton of milk for weight (you can always use a glass of water...)

The Mystery Bag Toy (so love this one especially when we do the gift exchange) needs items you collect such as toilet paper rolls, yarn, buttons, colored paper, or cheap items you can  get from the Dollar Store such as pom poms and pipe cleaners.

This pack is great for all ages and after using these ideas for two years, I love the excitement my students have when they are creating!

 For those of us that are implementing NGSS into our classrooms, but don't have any curriculum that was given to us...this pack has been a great way to teach animal adaptations. My store has a variety of NGSS inspired products that help make this a bit easier for you!
As a Science Teacher that has to teach K5 and over 400 kiddos...I was always trying to find one way to build STEM activities into our existing FOSS curriculum. I also wanted to try to figure out a way to reward hard work and I know that STEM is always a success! Not only can I teach positive growth mindset, but we can teach the engineering process, team building, and presentation skills! These 32 activities allow me the flexibility to use one or more ideas for one or more grade levels! With the 28% discount this $21 product is now quite a reduced cost compared to other STEM packs with fewer activities!

These items not what you are looking for right now? Take a look at the STEM video and some other great STEM packs to get you through the winter!

I have also partnered up with TPT and several other amazing Teacher Authors to help you win something really amazing... Jump on over to my Instagram Page for your chance to  win a $100.00 TPT Gift Card for the BIG SALE!


Teaching Weather and Climate With M&M's

Some of my most challenging students are in second grade right now. With that being said...I have a very dry weather unit I need to teach. Granted FOSS has some great hands-on activities, but that only lasts so long and I have an hour with 5 different second grade classrooms!

I stumbled upon an idea for how to use M&M's to teach weather and climate. I created my own sheet and focused on primary vocabulary words...meteorologist...forecast...weather...and climate. I added assessments of the key vocabulary and a little art project!
Forecasting the weather can be fun! Connecting it with math is even better!

I love how the kids get so excited! The understanding of the vocabulary is spot on! Not going to lie...candy sure helps them make connections!
Understanding Climate vs. Weather can be fun! Check out this new pack on TPT!
Just a few of my favorites before we put them into a book for their classroom!


Bubble Fun! Simple Science...

Who doesn't love bubbles? They are so much fun and a great way to end the year or begin the year...or any where in between! I love the joy on the kids faces when they make discoveries!

What do you need to keep science simple? Bubbles, bubble wands or just pipe cleaners from the dollar store!

RECIPE time!  I like to mix up Dawn, water, and glycerin to make the perfect bubble solution. I use 1/2 cup Dawn, 4 1/2 cups of water, and 4 tb glycerin. There are recipes with sugar, too. I have glycerin in our insect kit for FOSS.

We start with a bubble anchor chart...what do we know about bubbles...then we think of adjectives to help describe! I use a great freebie from Hollie Griffith on TPT. What a fun presentation for a smartboard! I use every page as an introduction to a new concept to learn. From the shape of a bubble to bubble gum!
I also use my bubble pack to get kiddos thinking and using stations after we investigate the magic of bubbles.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles Pack on TPT is where I dip into to help my students with some bubble reflections, observations, and extensions!

I also love to play a little music as they blow bubbles! Here is a fun song for the occasion! Blowing bubbles and popping them=joy!


Tired. But Inspired!

I was a "homie" this week...I didn't get to go to Vegas...I was a bit scared to...I don't know anyone...I am a K-5 science teacher which is very unique it seems...but there were so many people that inspired me! Even though I didn't get to Vegas...I did get some great ideas!

I now have a twitter account due to everyone sharing! @k5sciencegal
I now know how to use Periscope...@k5sciencegal
I now have two tribes! #scienceteachers and #midwesttptstribe     (I even learned what a # is!) 45 and still learning!!!!!

This week alone...I shared one of my packs for a collaboration give-away! I have NEVER collaborated before. I have someone that will edit a product...WOW! How we have connected this week is amazing! I also am so thankful to all the teachers that went to Vegas that gave us a little taste...it is on my 2016 bucket list! Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd are both true rock stars!
I love these ladies! They are the leaders of the tribes! So helpful!!!

Okay...so I didn't just spend hours on social media....I finally was able to release our little froglet and frog today! They were very helpful in our heredity and traits lesson!

All the time and effort making great products is for them! To inspire...to help them learn life skill while being engaged...as well as help me help my family...TPT has been a blessing in so many ways!

So....through all of the weeds life "grows" your way...I just have to remember the hard work and time put into it...will reap its rewards...can you find the carrots????

Our kiddos pulled out any intruder that wasn't part of the family...I inspired them to pull weeds! It feels good to inspire and to be inspired! I learned that this week!
I want to thank all of my new teacher friends and followers...this week I felt I won the jackpot!


Back To School Boost

Everyone could use a boost at one time or another. So, today is your lucky day! Today, TPT and my store is having a 20% off sale! Everything in my store is 20% off!!!!

Lots of great new products this season. Check out some of this summer's creations...
This unit took some Energy to create this unit. Two classes later, I created this unit for our 4/5 multi-age that already had our FOSS kits. So, why not use NGSS science standards and FOSS to create a unit for them!

A little something for my 4th graders...QR Code Skeletal System Review for our human body unit! My kids love QR codes, scoot games, and computer connections. This pack has it all!

Leaf It To Fall Science Pack Great for our next season of learning!

Whales...our third graders are focusing on this as a classroom unit to integrate into their school day. This was a fun collaborative effort to help our students gain reading and writing skills through science.

Force And Motion: Directions In Science

This unit is going to be for my kinders and their teachers. I can't wait to have them experiment with directions in science and then go back to their rooms to work on science in the classroom! 

 Apple Time Science  for Intermediate Classrooms! Apples aren't just for littles...how Appealing!

We have loads of apples on my aunt's tree and boy when it comes to apple pickin' time we will be busy, and so will my kiddos at school...learning about science with apples!

These are just a few of my new units. I also have a new unit...Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles...and a new and improved Popcorn Science Unit. I am still working on a Variable unit for my 5th graders as well as a Weather and Temperature unit to add to our kindergarten curriculum. Thanks for supporting me. TPT has made me a better teacher...I can't wait to use my new packs and I hope you enjoy them too! Happy Back to School Everyone!


Just In Time For The Holidays!

I just finished a Holiday Themed Science Stations pack for TPT. In this pack I created activities for the FOSS mixtures and solutions unit. I included a holiday chromatography activity which separates the mixtures in a marker. I also included a Mrs. Claus mixture activity that has the kiddos figuring out what mixture is the right one for her to make cookies. Also, there is a QR code activity allowing students to use a smart device to answer questions about reindeer. Last, but not least I also included a STEM activity that has students building a sleigh for Santa. Hope you enjoy!

                       Happy Holidays!

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