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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Currently September

Last month, I challenged myself to give teacher treats in mailboxes because of all the currently ideas in August. I did alright so far! I gave a first day back treat...and next week I am making cookies for the teachers!

Currently...though...I am thanking Farley...over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for hosting Currently!
Listening: I was always at school so late. I did after school programs for years, but this year I need to find the time for myself and find some peace and calm in my life. I have been pretty good so far this week. I have been home 1/2 an hour after school each day! Not bad!

Loving: I get to teach science to all the kiddos at my school. I love that I don't have to do AIMS WEB, progress monitoring daily...weekly...I don't have to worry about a new reading curriculum following a new math curriculum last year. I don't have to worry about cum folders and conferencing with all the families each quarter...the list goes on! I get to create hands-on lessons for kids who need to be active and moving! I work with a great team and I feel very blessed!

Thinking: How hard it is to send another child off to college! My car is packed to the brim with her college necessities and more! She will do great, I just know it, but it is hard to say good bye! Now...I have to dishes again. Yuck!

Wanting: I really want the best for everyone that is in education...getting an education...going to school! None of it has been easy lately! Going back to school reminded me how much goes into each and every lesson that I plan...and that someone is planning for my children! I wish everyone well. Today, was excessively hard, our littles aren't quite ready for an hour of science. Soon, though...
Here is my open house station to get the kids coming to visit me!

Needing: I need to finish an animal classification unit for next week, not to mention a few projects I started during break. I have to be in the right frame of mind, so they are almost done, but not quite. My goal is by the end of September to have them all complete!

3 Goals: I loved setting the goal last month so that I can make my coworkers smile! I really want to keep placing fun treats and treasures in their boxes. I also want to make sure that even when things seem kind of yucky...which it can be....I want to remain positive ( and out of the office). Lastly, I want to make sure that I am posting to instagram one great thing that happened per day #happyclassrooms is a great idea! 
I CAN statements will be hung on display for the different grade levels. #happyclassrooms!

Happy September, Everyone! Enjoy Fall Y'all!


  1. I'm absolutely loving that idea of putting little pick me up treats in teacher's boxes. I am actually going to start that tomorrow ;) Thank you! I'm with you. I too am working on being a positive motivator through all the negativity that can sometimes come with the job…

    Teaching in Paradise

  2. LOVE your idea about spreading cheer in teacher mailboxes! I hope that sending your college students off tomorrow goes well!! I love your goals. SO important!!
    Very Perry Classroom