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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Scoop...Hop On Over!

It was a very different Easter this year...our third daughter is in Florida with a friend...miss her! We celebrated on Saturday so that our oldest and her boyfriend could go to both families...happens when your children date and need to share time with each family...the best thing is that his family came over for dinner Saturday! Love that they are part of our little group of 6. So the Sunday Scoop is late because we just cleaned up the house after our two oldest headed back to college! Only 5 weeks and we have a college grad!

I thought I would share a little freebie with you tonight. My littles love play dough! So, I whipped this activity together for them this week! Here is the link for this cute freebie!

I am linking up with my favorite Sunday Friends...over at The Teaching Trio! Love seeing how everyone is planning their week!
I am really not one to relax, however I really need to take a break. I hope to do that with my son! We have made a little plan for the week. Each day we are doing one big thing together or for each other. He wants a friend over and then they want to go downtown...we want to take in a movie on is cheap seat night....Wednesday we are going to our local museum with family friends... then we have to try to figure out what else we could do on our stay-cation! We might go to a trampoline park a few hours away, but there is snow in the forecast again. Yuck.

I am looking forward to learning how to snapchat better. My kids love it, but I really haven't done it too often. This seems to be the new thing for teachers to connect so why not give it a shot! I realize I need a better phone so I may have to do that.

Happy Easter, Everyone! Hope your Sunday was filled with family and traditions!

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