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Meet the Teacher Monday

Torri,  over at The Junior Mad Scientist is linked up with Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom! I love Torri! Not only does she follow me... love that!... she also has great ideas and teaches science just like me! So, to all of you... here's getting to know me!

Five things in my purse ...
1. Lots of old receipts...should really clean those out!
2.  My wallet
3.  Lip balm (eos rocks!) Love the mint one... light blue
4.  Got some coupons, I forget about them sometimes
5. A picture of my grandma... want her by me always

List 5 things you love about yourself...
1. I never ever think about this... ever... so... I love that I teach science now! Best job ever!
2. That I am a hard worker and want to make people happy
3. That I think I am a pretty good mom that has raised some great kids!
4. That I got a farm to school grant... never planted a garden before... but plants grew... kids love veggies now! I love to see them learn how to garden, too.
5. That I am a go getter and always willing to try new things... right away... let's do it.

5 things that keep me entertained...
1. My children
2. The Housewives of...
3. Blogging
4. Making new products...I too have a goal of 50 by the end of the year... see goals:)
5. I am not very social at times. My kids keep me so busy, but I love spending time with some new co-workers. It is nice to start to do things with adults. Changing schools is never easy.

5 things that attract you to the opposite sex...(or same sex...I don't discriminate...)
1. Hard work
2. Family values
3. Ability to plan for the future
4. Supportive
5. All those good things that still connects me to my husband after 20 years...

5 things to accomplish in 2014:
1. A school garden bigger than last year... and a home garden build with my family
2. I would love to meet up with Midwest bloggers to share ideas and learn the tricks of the trade
3. Over 50 TPT products... and the ability to earn enough to help my children with college funds
4. A stronger relationship with family and friends
5. This next school year...I will be evaluated on the new system... so an action plan to keep helping my students succeed on their assessments and gain knowledge of science:)

Thanks Torri. It will be great getting to know more of you as we keep blogging together!


  1. Eak! You flatter me too much Renee! You are fantastic and I love you too! :-) I know all your 2014 goals will come true because you are an amazing science teacher! Here is to a wonderful 2014!

  2. Here is to a wonderful 2014! Can't wait to see what we both can do for our kiddos in the science world. My goal is to see what I can do to increase their test scores. We should share ideas sometime...

  3. That grant sounds pretty cool. My mom has a garden and I love how excited she gets when it's time to "harvest." I also get to reap the benefits too even though she did all of the backbreaking work. I am hoping to expand my TPT catalog as well. So far, not so good. Thanks for participating. I enjoyed meeting you!!!


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