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Peek At My Week...FOSS FRIDAY

My week starts on Friday, until next week when we have in service on Monday. Planning this post has really helped me get my ducks in a row. I am linking up with two great bloggers to share my week...

Fun stuff "predicting" the weather last week. They loved the game and each class made a forecast prediction for the next day. They sure want it to be sunny, however the forecast for the next seven days is 3 for snow, 3 for windy, 1 for partly cloudy. They are optimists I guess. This week, we are working on what to wear in different weather and how checking the forecast helps us predict what the best type of clothes to wear each day. We will read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? We role played what he was doing at different parts of the story. We made cards to mark the temperature and seasons. We then shared different clothes we would wear during each season. We stressed what to wear in the winter...our kiddos don't come prepared at times to be outside. No hat...gloves...boots...

We will make bears that wear a seasonal hat and a shirt to boot. A make and take. We will also match different clothes to the weather you wear them in.Here is the bear with clothes to match to the weather. We are playing a matching game at the end. I then asked their bear to answer...Jesse Bear What Are You Wearing? What season is it? Great closure!

I found this on Juxtapost. Here is a link to a printable copy...Jesse Bear's Clothes.

First Graders:
We are balancing pencils on our fingers for FOSS, but then we are reviewing other ways to balance things. We are using scales to understand stable and unstable. We will read the book ...

Super cute book about balancing animals stabilizing a scale.We also worked on a scale and how to balance objects. We wanted to make them stable and equal. We used objects to compare on each side. We learned how to use grams and weigh them as well. We did a sheet to predict which object will be heavier or equal. the students also compared what balance means with a pencil (FOSS). We compared the two meanings of balance.

Second grade:
Our kids are finishing their solids and liquids unit. We will be reviewing  in many different ways. We needed  to work on our solid and liquid vocabulary.We will take the test then work on making a solid and liquid book using cut out pictures to review our vocabulary once again.

Third grade:
We are concluding the water cycle by using the TPT free water cycle vocabulary game. We will also use FOSS centers to work on water cycle words: evaporation stations, condensation observations, and water cycle bags from last week. I gave a quick quiz to see what they remembered about the water cycle. We didn't get to them until now. Over planned. I am sure no one ever does that. Better too much than too little. 

Fourth grade:
We are reviewing the nervous system with a quick quiz. Then we will use the holiday to learn about the cardiovascular system and the heart. Valentine theme here! I used my packet to teach about the heart. We labeled the different colors of blood flow...red with arteries and capillaries...blue with veins. We learned heart facts by reading a great TPT freebie Cardiovascular System Reading. We then used time to learn to take our pulse and wrap up with a scavenger hunt I made in my Heart Healthy Stations TPT pack. We will be doing some of the activities next week as we continue the cardiovascular system.

Here is our starter videos I might use...we will see I need to: 

Fifth Grade:
We are working on a STEM lesson using a student's pet rat. We are learning about lab rats and learning how to make a maze to get the rat to the rice krispie bar... the rat's favorite treat, so I have been told.Science can be a real RAT RACE!

 Here are the sheets we are using...

Well, that is a peek at my week. Some FOSS...some Mrs.H. Either way...we are always trying to make FOSS fun. Any ideas of your own to share???? Send them my way and I can post them for you... Have a great weekend. We have off Monday... for FUN!!!!


  1. I love your Rat Race STEM!! It almost makes we want to go out and buy a small mammal for my classroom. Maybe I could use Norbert our classroom bearded dragon? But, Dragon Race does not sound nearly as fun as rat race. Our bearded dragon is too laid back for a maze. :-P I love that book balancing act! I think I will have to add it to my ever growing list of books to buy for my little science lab! Thanks for sharing Renee!

  2. I love how you always try to incorporate a mentor text into your science lessons! It really shows kids that reading is everywhere!

    Thanks for linking up!


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