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Valentine Ideas For The Science Classroom

One of my favorite things about Valentine's Day as a kid was making and then giving all of the handmade Valentine's Day cards to the other kids in my class. We made boxes for our cards at home and brought them in to gather all of our valentines and chomp down the candy treats that came along with some of them! 

Now, there are so many other things pulling at us in terms of time, even policies that are in place now that weren't there when we were kids. As we move into find ways to incorporate kindness and positive growth mindset, Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to do just that. 

 I teach all of our Kindergarten through Fifth Graders is that at times if I differentiate my big STEM Engineering Ideas I can set up one bucket, create different sheets that work for different grade levels, and when a holiday like Valentine's Day comes around I can be set to go hour after hour...all I have to do is replenish the materials used...and here's a BIG one...have each group that finishes with the bucket to leave it as close to the way they found it as possible! (I find that before we share out...they need to clean up because the group that cleans up first gets to present first.

Here are some great ideas that can really be differentiated for multiple grade levels and find ways to teach about kindness and positive growth  Today was the best when a group of fifth graders were watching the presentations I recorded of the second graders and I heard them say how those second graders sure are smart because their ideas were amazing!  The other weird thing was that our littles were able to work faster and more efficiently than our fifth graders as well!


STEM Station 1: Candy Heart Carrier
In this one has you creating a short love note using at least four candy hearts in the note. We used note cards for our notes. I love how creative the kids can get with the candy hearts. As for the carrier...give the kiddos some ideas on how to carry mail or objects and they are set to go! Give them paper, string, tape, glue...

STEM Station 2: Valentine Bouquet
This one was so cute...I had them making flowers for someone they loved. Using paper, tissue paper, straws, pipe cleaners, glue, tape...the cutest part was when we got done one of my kiddos came over and gave me their flowers! So super adorable!

STEM Station 3: Candy Heart Dispenser

So I did this one with second graders and fourth and fifth graders...the second graders were so very creative and were able to do it quicker than those older kids. Go figure! I gave them Styrofoam cups (other cups, too but they seemed to go to the Styrofoam), tongue depressors, candy hearts, tape, toilet paper tubes...I love how they could get the candy hearts to come out one at a time. This one really showed their creativity!

STEM Station 4: Love Bugs
Great review of the parts of an insect. Have them include a head, thorax, and abdomen, eyes, antennas, six legs...give them egg cartons, bottle tops, construction paper, pipe cleaners, straws, google eyes...Get them making a love bug for a love bug of theirs to give it to!

STEM Station 5: Cupid's Archery Game 

Having them create a bow using plastic spoons and knives if you tape up the sharp parts, Craft sticks, Straws, Straws, Rubber bands, Paper clips, and good ole' masking tape!

But, Let's talk organization... I love having the supplies in the bucket, but remember to have them clean up and recycle or throw away before they even put anything back in the bucket. Only reusable supplies and unused supplies get put back in exactly like they first saw it. 

I have them clean up before we share and line up. We have a quality control person (bucket brigade) that inspects the bucket and then brings in back to our central location. They are in charge of making sure the team is cleaned up! It works pretty slick!

I will be sharing more tips for easy clean up in an upcoming post!

Want it all in one place? STEM Velope Valentine Pack can be found here! I love these interactive holiday themed activities...just in time for Valentine's Day!

STEM Station 6: Playing With the Queen of Hearths

All you need is a deck of cards and a little clear tape. Even though this might seem easy because you only have one thing to work with...it really can be a balancing challenge. Teamwork is also a great way to bring in positive growth mindset as well as kindness. For each card that they add, one kind thing can be shared with the team by a new person in the group.

Constraints of this activity can range from how many levels need to exist, how high it needs to be, or how many cards need to be used.

Need to find ideas already set to go in packs set for you! Press on the link below to head on over to find what you need to make Valentine's Day Special! From STEM-Velops ...developing engineers...to STEM stations ready for any grade level! Valentine's Day PACKS HERE!

Valentine's Day STEM Pack
Heart Healthy Science Stations
STEM-Velops Valentine 5 Pack
Google/STEM Valentine Digital and Printable Pack
Valentine's Day Themed Measurement Pack and STEM Connections


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