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Back to School Blog Hop and Blog Giveaway!

It is so exciting to see how teachers are sharing how the new year is going...getting set up for their rooms...and making new lessons to get their kiddos engaged! Sooooo....Let's have a blog hop and TPT Giveaway to celebrate Back To School!

 I have been in class all week...creating rubric...assessments...using Webb's Depth of Knowledge to create learning targets...I know you guys are jealous!
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I also have been working on new packs to help my own kiddos at the start of the new year! Along with assessments we use FOSS for our science source for most lessons and experiments. As a science group...we wanted to create common assessments. All I could think about was how difficult it is for my kiddos to concepts from week to week. So I needed to really engage them in everything I did in that hour I had them. I have worked hard on packs for my students that tie in NGSS. Many states and districts are moving toward that...Take a look at my back to school NGSS ideas...

NGSS First Grade Heredity Pack

NGSS Third Grade Science Safari Pack

More of what can be found in the Second Grade NGSS Pack!

NGSS 2nd Grade Biome Basics Pack

Lots more fun activities for our 2nd grade scientists...

NGSS Space Pack

Full of space activities for our 5th Grade NGSS standards

Space...it continues!!!!
Now...if you are interested in any of these packs and you would like one of them for free or any of my other products...don't forget to sign up for the TPT giveaways below. My sweet blogger friends and I would like to help you celebrate going Back To School with great packs and prizes! Enter below for your chance to win! Thanks to my fellow Wisconsinite...over at Droppin' Knowledge she has organized this fun blog hop!

To enter Giveaway Pack #1...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter Giveaway Pack #2...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter Giveaway #3...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter Giveaway Pack # 4...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck...Have fun! Enjoy your 2015-2016 School year!

STEM Nursery Rhyme Time!

I use to have this nursery rhyme record when I was little that I had at my grandma's house. I LOVED that record and I knew every nursery rhyme by heart. Our littles now really do not know them very well. Some do...some don't. Last year, I tried to find a way for my kinders to engineer. So, I started taking simple books to get them excited. We made puppets of the three billy goats...which I am working on now and we made bridges to learn over...under...all that good stuff! They LOVED it.

Throughout the year, I kept trying new stories and rhymes to find ways to use simple supplies to have my littles engineer! They have built stamina and used creativity to make some great zip lines...egg protectors...and learned how to use pulleys!

This summer, I have been working on packs that incorporated all of the ideas that I did this last school year!
STEM Nursery Rhyme Time In Action!
Hey, Diddle, Diddle link...catapults, fiddle engineering, and more!

Humpty Dumpty Link...Egg Protectors, Walls, and more!

Jack and Jill link...Pulleys, Handle Helpers, and more...

Miss Muffet Link...Zip Lines and Tuffets and more!

We've been busy this summer engineering! With simple supplies...and simple steps...your students can be building stamina...creativity...and problem solving skills while connecting with reading, writing, and math! Just in time for back to school! NGSS science standards are linked to each lesson as well!


Long Time...No Post...

Spring break can't come too soon my friends...one more week! I have been so busy trying to create some new lessons and units to go with upcoming FOSS units...testing my kiddos...report cards needed to be done Friday...my daughter was in town on her spring break (making little time to update blogs if I hardly get to see her...one has to use their time wisely!) last volleyball tournament in Milwaukee, taking us away from work at home...and now it is track, softball, and baseball season. Yikes!

But...now it is time for you! Updating, sharing, and freebies! Here is what I have been doing this week...
Kinders got to build leprechaun traps...I showed them the squirrel trap that I had out in our school garden...gotta catch that little bugger!

Firsties got to finish up their "Toy" unit otherwise known as Balance and Motion...I like the title toys better...so do the kids! We shared toys that slid, rolled, turned, and bounced! Here is their sheet...a freebie for you!
                        Toys That Rock and Roll FREEBIE Sheet

2nd graders have spent the last two weeks on a new unit I am in the process of making using the 2nd grade NGSS science standards. They seem to love it...they are learning about biomes, making topographical maps, and planning a trip for spring break. It seems to be great timing for them...and makes it fun to get ideas of things that are out there to do and what we can do in our own hometown!

3rd graders just went to a WEDing this last week! A fun spin on teaching weathering...erosion...and deposition! That new pack is coming soon too.

 4th graders are finishing up on their human body unit. I used my Cardiovascular System Heart Healthy Science Stations Pack for two weeks, followed up by teaching the kids how to read labels on food packages! Here is a great site figuring out food labels at Kids Health!

5th graders have been working on engineering projects and their final mixtures and solution test! We made a chair for our bear and a tower with index cards. It was a nice break from a kit. Can't wait to start our new units next week...right before break to get them excited about coming back for quarter 4.  Sorry...I had more pictures, but I left my other camera at school. My bad. Have a great weekend!
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