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Measuring Up In The Garden

It is that time of year, harvest time and a bit of frost coming our way, however that doesn't stop us from getting out in the garden with kids. Today, our third graders practiced measuring in the garden after...OMG...first off learning that a ruler isn't for weighing things. Yes...my friends...starting from ground level ZERO. Well, I guess all we can do is go up from there. I first created stations for the indoors. Did I tell you that I have a smartboard! I put up the stations on the smartboard and they wrote their answers down after checking their partner's work.

Station 1: Length...measuring with a ruler, measuring with the metric system, and practicing measuring scissors, markers, and our pencil box.

Station 2: Weight...measuring in grams the scissors, markers, and an item that fits in the cup.

Station 3: Volume...measuring in ml 25 ml, 50 ml, and 32 ml.

Now, out to the garden to practice length, weight, and volume.

length...the circumference of our pumpkins and tomatoes.
Tomatoes...our September Harvest of the Month

weight...10 cherry tomatoes in grams

Volume...40 ml of water to water a plant.

A garden of knowledge was happening today! Measuring up is our goal. Next week, a quick quiz and then back to our garden. Active learning is where it is at. You can not believe the retention of information in our outdoor classroom!

Planting A Seed...

I love what we have done for our Farm To School Garden Club. We are now done with the first 6 week course for our after school programs. So, to finish off our Garden Club right we had a tea party with mint, spearmint, chocolate mint, and pineapple mint to top off our tea...and who could go without tea sandwiches with veggies of course. We made homemade dip from our herbs and served cut veggies, too. We then finished it off with the Farm To School lesson Parts of A Plant. Next week, we will post our videos that are being placed in the libraries to pick great garden themed books. Also next week, what to do in winter...form a "winter"green club. We will be going green in another way, by getting our recycling efforts going, upcycling for the holidays, and composting waste in our worm bins! Stay tuned!

Mint tea and finger sandwiches. What a fun way to end our session!
 Yum, veggies rock and so does learning about the parts of a plant and then being able to taste them!
What can you do to make the winter go faster? Share your ideas my Farm To School Friends!


Planting a Seed...

Squash. Who would have thunk the kids would like squash soup? Well, we surveyed our kids and our littles voted half and half for liking and disliking the taste of butternut squash soup. I thought that was pretty good. We made the soup in the crock pot, shared the recipe and how to prepare it and yum, the majority of our bigs liked it. We even made homemade applesauce in the crock pot, too. We want to provide our after school classes the ability to try new things, be okay with not liking it, and learning ways to share these ideas with their families. We had a drawing for free butternut squash from our garden...they even loved that prize. It was so cute, I even got letters the next day from them thanking me for the food. Yesterday, we served squash in the lunch line. Can't wait to see the numbers of kiddos that tried it:)
 Our little survey with the littles. Tie isn't so bad!
 Thank you notes are sooo fun to get. I love that she said that the soup tasted like chicken noodle soup, we used chicken stock.
 What does butternut squash look like inside?
We finished up our Fall Harvest snacks by reading Fall Harvest. Just planting a seed, my garden friends.

Cover image

Pumpkin Day Fun

How much did we have today! My after school class celebrated pumpkin day for our harvest of the month festival. We used some great resources from Mrs. Ricci's Kindergarten! We also read The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons.

after doing a sequence activity and singing a song. Love this video!
Now, after reading the book and singing a song and even doing our sequence activity, we watched this great time lapsed video to watch the sequence in action.

We used this sheet for a cute book.
 Here is my little cousin in our after school class. You go Alli. Pumpkin Day rocks!

 Do pumpkins float or sink? Our little kiddos predicted, all said sink. We started with a small pumpkin...it floated. We put a medium pumpkin in the sink, it floated. Then, we put the big pumpkin in the sink, it overflowed and floated! The kids were amazed. We discussed why they float. We then cup open one of our pumpkins and it was HOLLOW! They got it!


Harvest of The Month: Popcorn!

At Jefferson we have focused on tomatoes as our September harvest of the month veggie. Now, it's October and we are celebrating Farm to School Month. We have some after school programs that we are hosting that celebrate the apple and popcorn. We harvested our popcorn today. Take a look at our harvest.

  With the husks we made corn husk dolls to take home. We are letting our popcorn dry so that we can give them to our teachers to use for our award day fun. We used the book Popcorn for some fun facts. I even included a fun unit at my TPT store and a sheet for you to use if you would like. I used the sheet with my littles in 1st and 2nd grade.  Hope you enjoy!

Product Image

Popcorn Poem


Harvest of the Month...Apples

My Farm to School Friends... this week is apple week here at Jefferson. Our kiddos are learning about apples by doing different science activities. We counted the number of seeds in different types of apples and read an apple book.  We also made an apple art project and made a graph of our favorite type of apple. We have an apple farmer coming into our after school program to share facts about apples and what he does for a living, and he is bringing apples to serve in our cafeteria. Here is a sheet that our kids used to make a bulletin board for our lunch room. Have at it.

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